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MAY 15th – GAME DEVELOPMENT IS FINISHED: Game designs and programming have been done.

MAY 31th – BETA TESTING IS FINISHED: Game testing has been done.

JUNE 1st – SENDING THE ROM FILE *.gb : The game file is sent to all backers (Kickstarter link).

JUNE 1st – FINAL ARTS COMPLETED: All the final arts of the boxes, manuals, pocket guide, code wheel, stickers, certificates, etc. have been finished.

JULY 15th – MANUFACTURING MATERIALS: Production orders for the physical materials have been requested. The estimated delivery date will be made during the first half of June. *The physical materials have been delayed.

JULY 15th – ASSEMBLY: Once we receive all the materials in the studio, we will proceed to the assembly, preparation and sealing of the games. This process will be directly supervised by myself.

JULY 15th / 18th – SHIPMENT PREPARATION: We prepare all shipments.

✓ AUGUST 12th – SHIPMENT SENT : All users + UK, except European users have their tracking numbers.

✓ AUGUST 24th – SHIPMENT SENT : Swiss users already have their tracking numbers.

✓ AUGUST 25th – SHIPMENT SENT : Europe users have their tracking numbers. – Please, be patience if you do not have it yet. Due to the large number of shipments it may take a little longer.