GreenBoy Games is the first retro game studio that fully lives in the blockchain!

Hi! We are Jona and Fiona, technology implementation leaders at GreenBoy Games. We could say that we are freaks of blockchain, and especially, the whole NFT universe! Oh, and We love retro games as well!

Connecting retro games with cutting-edge technology may sound weird. Actually, it is, but we want to take retro-games to the technological extreme. Yes, you read that right! GreenBoyDAO is the first DAO-owned retro game studio. How did that happen? We don’t know..

GreenBoy games will take you back to your childhood and make you enjoy incredible gameplay for a retro game. They are compatible with any older Game Boy that accepts GB cartridges. Yes, even that you keep in a drawer!

These special editions will include things like Easter eggs and in-game customizations that can also be acquired through tokens.

We are working to have collection of 6 different games, with a production of 100 units each. Sushi Wars, a game inspired on the DeFi mania and the crypto world, will close this first special collection.

NFT Games

These GreenBoy Games Limited Edition will be available for sale soon. The price discovery will be done using a Bonding Curve.

As GreenBoy games are physical product, you will receive a complete collector’s set including a box, the manual and the GB cartridge.

Just play and that’s it? No! Each limited edition will include a special easter egg in the form of 12-words seedphrase. First player to find it, will have access to an Ethereum wallet with 512 $GBOY tokens. And then the question is: Will this person take all the tokens… or maybe will be a good boy leaving some for the next person to solve the puzzle?

Captain Jona

No players, no game

We want to open up the project to all those who have bought NFTs. We will do this through GreenBoyDAO, an Aragon DAO with a native-token called $GBOY.

Every time someone buys a NFT, will be rewarded with $GBOY tokens afterwards, making it even more interesting to get the game!

The $GBOY token

Holders of this ERC20 token will be able to have an impact on the governance of GreenBoyDAO making proposals and voting. But they will be also able to buy&sell their tokens on third party markets, like uniswap.

There will be only 256,000 tokens, as many as bits in an old Game Boy cartridge!

Make the games unique with Special NFTs

Retro game cartridges are immutable. Yes. Immutable as blockchain is. Or even more! You probably still keep the cartridges from your childhood and they still work in your beloved old console.

Why not remain in eternity in your favorite virtual world then? This is something you can do with the GreenBoy Special NFTs, with which you will not only receive an NFT token on your Ethereum wallet but also be included in the game. Until the end of days!

Special game NFTs

  • Special game NFTs: Your name on the game as a part of the objects the main character interacts with. Also your name on credits.
  • FaceNFT: Your name on the game as a part of the objects the main character interacts with. Also your name on credits.
  • ActorNFT: The possibility of being one of the actors with whom the main character interacts! Also your name on credits.

These tokens are super limited, only 3 units of each type will be available via dutch auction. Thus, each edition of the game will only have 9 customizations available.

Our first release is ready!

Where is my body? Limited NFT edition is the first in a collection of six, and will be soon available for sale. But if you can’t wait, you can already purchase the special NFTs in Opensea!

And that’s just the beginning! Follow us on Twitter and join the GreenBoyDAO Discord server to know more!

If your head hasn’t exploded yet, you’re one of us!

Keep tuned and follow us on Twitter. More exciting stuff coming soon!