Hi! We are Jona and Fiona, technology implementation leaders at GreenBoy Games. We could say that we are freaks of blockchain, and especially, the whole NFT universe! Oh, and We love retro games as well!

Connecting retro games with cutting-edge technology may sound weird. Actually, it is, but we want to take retro-games to the technological extreme. Yes, you read that right! GreenBoyDAO is the first DAO-owned retro game studio. How did that happen? We don’t know..

GreenBoy games will take you back to your childhood and make you enjoy incredible gameplay for a retro game. They are compatible with any older Game Boy that accepts GB cartridges. Yes, even that you keep in a drawer!

These special editions will include things like Easter eggs and in-game customizations that can also be acquired through tokens.

We are working to have collection of 6 different games, with a production of 100 units each. Sushi Wars, a game inspired on the DeFi mania and the crypto world, will close this first special collection.

Where is my body? Limited NFT edition is the first in a collection of six, and will be soon available for sale. But if you can’t wait, you can already purchase the special NFTs in Opensea!

And that’s just the beginning! Follow us on Twitter and join the GreenBoyDAO Discord server to know more!

If your head hasn’t exploded yet, you’re one of us!

Keep tuned and follow us on Twitter. More exciting stuff coming soon!