I develop contemporary GameBoy games.
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The Games

Where  is my body?
Where is my body?

A hand becomes conscious due to the experiment of Dr. Pentagon. You must help the hand to find the body.

© October 2020 - 1st Edition

Price - 49 €

Included: Cartridge, plastic case, cardboard box, insert, instruction booklet and shipping costs! - Complete in box (CIB)


The first 10 to discover the easter egg, get the new release for free: The Shapeshifter (CIB)

Easter egg ranking:
1- Daniel Houghtaling
2- Cat & Kian
3- Crunchystick
4- Chris Pfaff
5- Alicia Kanélo
6- John Harrod
7- Jessi Baughman
8- Predmaster
9- Cralex
10- Kassettband

New Releases

Green Cube
Green Cube

This is insane gaming!!
You are inside a giant cube made up of smaller cubes. You can activate gates and rotate the cube. Will you get out of the cube?
Put your orientation and memory to the test in this challenge.

October 2021

Green Diver
Green Diver

Dive into the depths of the 7 seas and solve the enigma of captain Blackpack. Why is he collecting all these objects from the depths of the ocean?

April 2022

The Team
Dana, a solo game dev

"GreenBoy games exist to protect the continuity of new cartridge games"

"GreenBoy games want to bring the origin of video games closer to the new generations"

"How wonderful is to create new video games for a legendary console."